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Ali Satchu

Welcome! If you are searching for answers about attending college in Canada as an international student, you’re in the right place. A few years ago, I created FAS-T Education Consulting as a result of my experience as an international student in Canada. When I started applying to colleges, I had many questions and not always enough answers. I frequently had to search for information and it took awhile to find exactly what I needed. At the same time, I had deadlines to meet to get my admissions paperwork submitted.Realizing other students were encountering similar situations, I could see a need for a guide or program that would provide students with information and advice.

Once I got accepted into a college, I had even more questions and decisions to make. I had to get the right paper work for the student visa and make sure I had sufficient funds to travel to Canada and then pay for tuition and my other expenses. I needed to find a place to live, set up a bank account, figure out the transportation system and begin adjusting to life in a large, foreign city. On top of that, I also had to select a field of study and sign up for classes. Fortunately, I had the assistance of the International Student office at the college I attended and the camaraderie and support of fellow international students.


Although it requires some paperwork and time to get admitted, attending a Canadian college is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It gives you a strategic advantage in your education and career training. A Canadian college education is affordable and a worthwhile economic investment in your future. Canada offers you the rare opportunity to attend college, begin a career and potentially become a permanent citizen.

I started FAS-T Education Consulting to assist students with their applications and help them evaluate the many opportunities available to them. I wanted to simplify and streamline the application process as well as pass on first-hand knowledge about life in Canada. Speaking from personal experience, life as an international student in Canada will end up being one of the most significant chapters in your life. I look forward to working with you.

Ali Satchu

About the Founder of FAS-T Education Consulting

Like many prospective college students, Ali was eager to continue his education but uncertain what courses to take or field to pursue. His interests were broad, including computer programming, accounting and finance. By taking time to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses, he was able to narrow down his choices in both fields of study and colleges.

Ali was admitted into Seneca College’s three-year Marketing Administration diploma program, which was an excellent fit for his skills and interests. Because of the training he received in the marketing field, he was selected to represent the college in Ontario-wide marketing competitions at the provincial level.

Upon completion of the program in 2005, Seneca College hired Ali to work in International Development. In this position, he coordinated and led events for international students including “meet and greets” that promoted greater awareness of the immigration process. He explained college policies, provided career guidance and helped international students obtain visas.
Recognizing that many students had similar concerns, he developed and distributed a “Frequently Asked Questions for Incoming International Students” handbook.

After graduating and working for Seneca College, Ali enrolled at Ryerson University to get his Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing degree. While at Ryerson, he created a business plan and tested its success by selling at Dundas Square (a tourist destination in downtown Toronto).

Wanting to broaden his work skills and experience, Ali then took a short leave from his university studies and took a position with IBM Canada. At IBM Canada, he worked as a Marketing Intelligence analyst in the Systems and Technology Group (STG). Ali supported different brands of hardware servers and storage by providing a competitive evaluation of this $3 billion market. This involved analyzing data, researching market trends, working with external vendors and presenting reports on competitive findings to key stakeholders.

Ali returned to Ryerson to complete his degree and after graduation, he accepted a position at LG Electronics Canada. While at LG, he was charged with conducting field market research and sell-through analysis to facilitate decision-making regarding product mix, product positioning and brand perception. While monitoring LG’s performance, he detected potential issues and developed counter strategies to drive the company forward. After LG Electronics Canada, Ali spent four and half years working for Pattison Outdoor as a Marketing Analytics – Team lead where he managed research and analytics for global brands. Most recently, Ali leads the Marketing team at Cieslok Media with a new and energized approach. He is part of the management team that is entrepreneurial, innovative and progressive in driving the Out of Home Media business forward.

While working full time, Ali launched FAS-T Education Consulting to assist other international students with applications to Canadian colleges. His range of services includes conducting skill set evaluations and providing guidance on completing applications, visas and other necessary paperwork.

FAS-T Education Consulting can also provide support in adjusting to Canadian life including housing alternatives, student employment and career assessment. For more information, contact Ali at Contact us

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