The FAS-T Edu process saves you money and sets you up for success with multiple qualifications and eligibility for Permanent Resident status in Canada.
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FAS-T Education Consulting: Your Guide to the College Admissions Process in Canada.

No-Cost Consulting

1You are on the brink of a major life chapter – college. Where will you study? What will you study? How will you get all of the paperwork completed and begin your new life? At FAS-T Education Consulting, we will guide you through every step of this important decision. FAS-T Education Consulting is a registered firm based in Toronto, Canada. Our affiliation with select colleges in Ontario allows us to offer our services free of charge to you, a prospective student.

Choose an expert

2Consider using an educational consulting firm to help you apply to Canadian colleges. Applying to college in another country is a detailed and lengthy process. For more information, go to the FAQ page. Since this is a one-time undertaking, it makes sense to join forces with a firm that is familiar with all phases of the admission process and can work with you to create a comprehensive schedule of tasks to be completed from application to acceptance.

Get the added Value

3Once you are admitted to a college, we can assist you with orientation, housing, and transportation. Of equal importance is our ability to help you become acclimated to college life as an international student as well as to life in a large metropolitan area of Canada. Our expertise will help save you time and money and avoid any potential mishaps.

Planning Ahead

4We also are available to provide guidance and feedback about which college courses will help you in a future career, your career goals as compared to the realities of the job market and the visa application process. We welcome your questions and look forward to assisting you in your application to become a Canadian international student at one of our many outstanding colleges.



“The service and personal attention I received from FAS-T Education was exceptional and unexpected. They are truly a high-calibre team. Their knowledge of the programs and their key contacts within the college helped me in my application process to Seneca College. After patiently going through testing results and what not with me, they made sure I got the best offer for my education and more importantly, the best value for my future.”

“I would highly recommend FAS-T Education to help you in this life changing move. I could not have asked for a better agency to guide me through the process.”

Mehjabeen Jaffer
Graphic Design, Seneca College.

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“Each time I spoke to Ali Satchu, it was a stepping stone towards moving forward with my career. I had him as a friend and guide the entire time and he continues to provide support even after I arrived in Canada. Trust and support is critical in this process and I would highly recommend his services.”

Vivek Karia
Business Management, Seneca College.

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